We know first hand, when you look good you feel good. That’s why we set out to enhance your most prominent feature—your smile. Our products are dentist-approved and peroxide-free, for teeth that look great and feel even better.

Our Story

Starts with a search for better oral care

If we're being honest, traditional teeth whitening is not a great experience.  Your options are limited and generally involve a great deal of either pain, money, inconvenience or all of the above.  Not to mention, when you look beneath the surface, most whitening products contain harsh chemicals that actually cause damage to your teeth.

The Lightbulb Moment

We thought there has to be a better way

So we did the research, talked to the experts, and learned a lot about traditional whitening methods. The cause of the trouble? Peroxide. Turns out this evil ingredient is extremely common in whitening products, yet also extremely harmful for your teeth. Its abrasive qualities degrade the enamel, making your teeth more sensitive and vulnerable to absorbing future stains. Thus began our mission to find quality whitening products with safe and effective ingredients.

Our Mission is Simple

Make the world a brighter place, one healthy happy smile at a time.