We Believe

That a confident and healthy smile is a human right.

That is why we have partnered with Dentaid. For every toothbrush or bundle you buy, we donate 4 biodegradable, fully sustainable Luma bamboo toothbrushes to children in need.  Dentaid has helped more than 30,515 people last year, and together we want to help improve oral health for thousands more! Learn more about the great work Dentaid does below.

About Luma x Dentaid

Committed to improving oral health around the world

Over the last 21 years Dentaid has worked in more than 70 countries to improve access to dentistry and oral health education. By equipping and supporting local dentists, running teeth screening, fluoride application and toothbrushing programmes and giving British dental professionals regular opportunities to volunteer abroad, Dentaid works tirelessly to help people suffering from oral pain and prevent them from developing problems in the future.

Oral Health Education

Is the driving force of Dentaid's work—at home & abroad

Dentaid volunteers establish toothbrushing programmes and promote sugar awareness and dental health at every opportunity. Dentaid’s UK work continues to expand with a mobile dental unit that travels to day centres, homeless shelters and community centres providing free dental care for people who find it hard to access NHS dental treatment.  

With your help, we can get more people smiling!